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Sat, 31 Oct 2015

I just installed Groovy

I just installed Groovy http://www.groovy-lang.org #groovylang #java

Book: Modern Programming Made Easy

Modern Programming Made Easy - A Simple Guide to Programming by @adamldavis https://leanpub.com/ModernProgrammingMadeEasy #java #groovylang

Leanpub is extremely refreshing

.@Leanpub is extremely refreshing - the concept, the web site and the books http://leanpub.com

Book: Ambitious Ember Applications - An Ember.js Tutorial

Book: Ambitious Ember Applications - An Ember.js Tutorial https://leanpub.com/emberjs_applications by @ryakh #EmberJS @leanpub

Building Web Apps With Ember.js

Building Web Apps With Ember.js, a book from @oreilly http://shop.oreilly.com/product/0636920030782.do


EmberWatch http://emberwatch.com #EmberJS

The Ember.js home page -- start here

Ember.js, as it's called, 'a framework for creating ambitious web applications' http://emberjs.com

7 reasons to use Ember.js

7 reasons to use Ember.js from @codeschool http://blog.codeschool.io/2015/10/26/7-reasons-to-use-ember-js

Meteor.js is a full JavaScript app platform

Meteor.js is a full JavaScript app platform https://www.meteor.com not that I haven't mentioned this already

Fri, 30 Oct 2015

Fix for Firefox dark theme issues in GNOME 3

Hey Linux users, are you using GNOME Tweak Tool to choose the "Dark" theme, making your GTK3 applications dark and causing problems with white-on-white text in the Firefox browser?

I have. Even though I almost never use GNOME 3, I do have it installed, and the GNOME Tweak Tool's "dark theme" switch enables me to turn GTK3 applications like Firefox "dark" in their styling. Except that often you can't read text boxes on web sites because the "dark" theme turns the text white while also leaving the background white.

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