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Tue, 22 May 2012

OwnCloud releases version 4

The OwnCloud team has released version 4 of the run-it-yourself file-sharing software.

Development on OwnCloud has been happening rather quickly. I distinctly remember updating my own installation with the last two point releases in Version 3.

Briefly, what OwnCloud enables you to do is set up a service that allows you to store, manage and share files of all types both via a Web interface and over the WebDAV protocol, which is recognized by many file-management applications across various operating systems. You can share documents of all kinds, images and other kinds of files, view and share photo galleries, stream music via the web and share calendars and Web bookmarks.

OwnCloud, which can be run on your own server, on a shared-hosting account or VPS, or accessed via a cloud-service, is designed to replace proprietary services like Dropbox (and Flickr and Google Drive and Calendar and ...) with something open-source and wholly controlled by you.

New in OwnCloud 4:

  • Web-based viewer of ODF (Open Document Format) files
  • File versioning
  • New API for development of external applications that can interface with OwnCloud
  • Shared calendars and calendar categories (I'm not sure what this last bit means, "calendar categories")
  • Server-side file encryption (an essential feature, in my opinion)
  • Drag-and-drop uploading via Web
  • New Tasks application
  • File-sharing notifications to users
  • Syncing with devices (I'll believe it when I see it)
  • Many other improvements, which can be seen here.