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Thu, 03 Jan 2008

Cool Blogger trick: "Post Options"

Ilene clued me in to the joys of Post Options in Blogger. Just click on the blue Post Options link in the lower left portion of your Blogger post window and you can either allow or disallow comments (which I don't care about) or ... change the date and time of your post. The ability to make posts appear as if they were made in the past (not entirely Kosher) or future (I do it all the time in Movable Type) is something I miss from the earliest days of Blogger. I'm glad to see it's either still here or has made a triumphant comeback.

This post originally appeared on The CTRL freak blog.

Mon, 12 Nov 2007

Blogger ... not washed up yet

I thought Blogger had been eclipsed by WordPress.

That's not quite the case. I'm working in both and will try to get comfortable enough in WordPress to make an evaluation as to which I should stick with.

This post originally appeared on The CTRL freak blog.