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Thu, 03 Feb 2011

FlatPress facts

Edoardo Vacchi is the coder behind FlatPress, which is under the GNU GPLv2 License.

Edoardo does request donations, with a PayPal link on the FlatPress home page. I did make a donation — the first screen is in Italian, and the currency is euros. But once you enter the amount in euros you wish to donate and the enter your PayPal password, things magically turn into your own language (English in my case).

Thanks, Edoardo, for hacking on such a cool project.

When I get the time I’m going to start hacking into the code and customizing this particular FlatPress blog. I’ve tentatively decided to offer one entry three entries per page, and that works quite well both in WordPress and FlatPress because there are links at the bottom of the entry to easily go from one page worth of entries to the other. Kind of like paging through a book, no?

I’m always torn about how many entries to include in a blog index. Most, including my own, seem to go on much too long.