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Wed, 06 Jun 2012

What Google's doing with Quickoffice, and what it could mean for Microsoft and Apple

I'd hate to be a company looking for growth by selling a packaged office suite. Now Google is acquiring Quickoffice to bolster its mobile offerings. I'm not sure why they need it. Development of Google Docs / Google Drive seems to be moving rather rapidly on Android, though not so rapidly on the iPad, from what I can see. I have no idea about Docs/Drive on the iPhone.

According to Dignan, the Quickoffice acquisition is a pre-emptive strike against the mobile-office-suite ambitions of Microsoft in the form of Windows 8.

Given how Windows Phone 7 is doing (not well), I imagine that Microsoft is hoping to gain share in the tablet and ARM-based netbook spaces and use that leverage to pump some life into its phone business.

Where does that leave Apple? Sure, it has devices people want, but if the software isn't there and is, instead, in the hands of Google and Microsoft, it might be time for Tim Cook to partner up. I can't imagine that happening with Google/Android. So Microsoft? Optimized for Apple hardware? It's happened before.