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Mon, 18 Jul 2011

Google+ -- shiny and new

Yes, I'm on Google+. So are many of you. And more every day.

From what I can see, we're all captivated to some extent by its shiny newness. And that it's not Facebook.

We're more comfortable with Larry and Sergey than with Mark Zuckerberg.

There's no 140-character limit.

Hence, a lot of us are, in effect, blogging into Google+. Sure, we can get that content out of there at any time. But currently there's no "native" way to bring feeds from other sites directly into our Google+ streams.

This needs to happen.

And I need to get back to writing into my own sites. Including this one.

I'll try to post this entry in Google+. And Identi.ca (which will, in turn, post to Twitter, which posts to Facebook).

Look here (and not just there), I'm saying.