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Wed, 12 Jun 2013

Solution: My host changed its ssh key, and Thunar and Nautilus won't let me connect with sftp

My shared-hosting provider moved my account to a new machine, and along with all that newness came a new ssh key.

FileZilla figured it out right away and asked me if I wanted to accept the new key. (I did.)

But when trying to open an sftp connection in Thunar or Nautilus, I got a "Host key verification failed" error.

The solution was easy to find.

All I had to do was go to the .ssh folder in my home directory (/home/steven/.ssh for me; /home/your_account/.ssh for you) and get rid of the "old" ssh key from the old server.

I tried to re-connect to my shared-hosting account via sftp, the system asked me to accept the new ssh key, I did so, and now I'm back in sftp with this account via the Thunar file manager in Xfce.