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Sat, 24 Dec 2011

Just another day in Debian

I'm spending the day at work -- you envy me, I know it -- running two computers, one of which happens to be my Debian Squeeze laptop.

I decided to run the Epiphany web browser that comes along for the ride with GNOME.

I have a modern (as in up-to-date via the Mozilla Debian APT Archive) Iceweasel/Firefox browser and a Google-maintained Chrome browser, though I removed the other GNOME browser, Galeon, a while back.

I just thought it would be nice to give Epiphany a run. Haven't done that in awhile. It seems a bit sluggish even compared with Iceweasel, and I don't remember that being the case back when Epiphany used the Gecko rendering engine rather than the current Webkit that also powers Chrome and Chromium.

So what am I doing running Debian Stable on the desktop? I'm sure there are a few applications that might offer more features if I ran them using a newer Fedora or Ubuntu system, but for now everything works sufficiently well that I'm going to stay put.

The Liquorix kernels I've raved about over the past year don't seem to work now. I'm stuck on 2.6.38 from Liquorix, which runs great, but everything I try in the 3.x series of kernels from the repository now panics on boot. I guess I'm missing a dependency or something.

I'd like to try 2.6.38 or 2.6.39 from Debian Backports, but Synaptic insists on deleting all other kernels, including 2.6.32, as part of the installation operation.

Maybe I'll do a full backup of /home and then give that a try. I could either save the box with the rescue features of the Debian CD, or I could start all over again.