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Sun, 30 Jun 2013

When Windows fails and Linux ... doesn't

This doesn't happen all the time. But it did today.

I'm stuck using Citrix. Maybe Citrix isn't crap (though it's certainly looking like it), but the application I'm using over Citrix is -- I repeat, IS -- crap.

I'm in Fedora 18, and it starts dying on me.

So I reboot into Windows 8. "Maybe it'll work better in the desktop operating system that isn't the playground of hackers and libre-everything partisans."

I start up Windows 8. I start my Citrix app.

It won't run at all in Windows. It won't even run badly. Nothing. Fucking nothing.

Back to Fedora. I just have to start a new session periodically to keep the Citrix over-the-wire goodness flowing.

Maybe this is a Windows 8 issue (because it runs reliably yet crappy in Windows 7). Maybe it's a Firefox-in-Windows issue.

All I know is I can hobble along in Linux but not Windows.