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Tue, 17 Dec 2013

Fedora 20 is here, and so are (or will be) new kernels for F19 and F20

The new release of Fedora -- version 20 -- is here. Since I have a USB stick dedicated to such things, I brought down a couple of live desktops (GNOME and Xfce) to try.

All well and good, that is, but the Linux kernel shipping with F20 is the same 3.11.10 that I'm already using in F19.

But a look at the latest kernels in Fedora's Koji build system (which I recommend you visit often) -- shows that the 3.12.5 kernel is being built right now for F19 and has already been built for F20.

In my experience, a kernel shows up in your local yum update within a week after it first appears in Koji. It's not instant but does flow onto your system if you accept the update.

While on the subject of updates, the Yum Extender (aka Yumex) has proven to be a great way to maintain the packages on my Fedora system. It's quicker and better than PackageKit, and fairly equal to the Debian world's Synaptic Package Manager.

Getting back to Fedora 20, I'm not yet ready to run fedup to get the full update on my F19 system. Instead I'm waiting for the 3.13 kernels to start flowing into F19 proper.

What concerns me most is hardware compatibility, specifically display issues that keep my AMD-based laptop from resuming after suspend. I am looking to new kernels and display drivers to fix this problem. Full system upgrades are just window dressing that, in and of themselves, won't really help. That's what I'm thinking, anyway.