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Sun, 12 Jan 2014

Could the kernel-devel package be the thing preventing AMD's Catalyst from installing in Fedora 20?

Update: Thanks to tips from Bernhard J. Wolf, I have successfully installed the AMD Catalyst 13.11 beta driver in Fedora 20. I did not need to use Maxorete's install-file hack. When I opened the file that needed to be changed, it looked like AMD had already made the fix -- and since Catalyst did install, I can confirm that they did. Thanks, AMD! Keys to success were adding the kernel-devel package in Fedora. It probably couldn't hurt to make sure you also have kernel-headers, which I already had. Bernhard also said the installation wouldn't work with GNOME installed. GNOME, you are now history on this machine. With kernel-devel and without GNOME, the install of AMD Catalyst 13.11 beta went like butter. I will do a new post that contains all of this information, but for now I leave what I wrote earlier today in its original form below. You know, for history's sake:

Original post below (I didn't need the install-file hack)

Anybody who has read anything I've written in the past month know that the sudden absence of the AMD Catalyst driver in packaged-for-Fedora form is really chapping what's left of my Linux hide. The fact that so few seem to care is just stamping my "get out of Dodge/Fedora" ticket.

But given momentum's pull, principally the fact that I have Fedora set up the way I want it, I'd rather stay for now and move at some time in the future. When I'm ready, that is.

So I've gone against the advice I've held to since Fedora 14 crapped out on me, that advice being, Don't install Catalyst directly from AMD.

I tried, using the required hack, and still failed. The log file says I'm lacking kernel headers, even though I have the kernel-headers package installed. But I didn't have kernel-devel, and this [hopefully helpful forum post] from Bernhard J. Wolf suggests that is the package I'm lacking.

I just installed kernel-devel, I still have the previously mentioned installer hack, I did a backup with my rsync script, and I'm ready to try again with the Catalyst 13.11 beta (which is supposed to work better than the 13.12 release).

Just to be clear, according to those who have been successful, you grab the beta from AMD, unpack it, make sure it's executable (chmod a+x it) then start the installation as root with ./.

It's already too unwieldy and geeky for the majority of users (hence why a working RPM package for Fedora is so sorely needed).

So after you've brought down the .zip file, unpacked it, made the resulting .run script executable and run the script as root, once the installation files have appeared on your machine but before you continue with the installation, you do the install hack:

Originally Posted by Maxtorete:
I get Catalyst 13.12 working replacing this line at /common/lib/modules/fglrx/build_mod/kcl_acpi.c:


With this one:


That's supposed to do it, and AMD Catalyst will magically install. Now that I have kernel-devel on my laptop, I'll give this a try in the very near future and report back.

If you've done this before me, successful or not, I encourage you to let me know how it goes in the comments.