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Tue, 14 Oct 2014

Developer of Stella, the best CentOS-based distro for the desktop, not looking to create a CentOS 7 version any time soon

I've been saying for the longest time that if you want to run RHEL/CentOS on the desktop and don't want to quickly hit a wall in terms of packages, you need to either run the Stella spin on CentOS, or use the developer of that project's repo to give your existing CentOS/RHEL system what it's otherwise lacking.

Who is that developer? I'm talking about Nux, who not only produced the great CentOS 6-based Stella, but who also offers repositories for RHEL/CentOS 6 and now 7.

The way I look at it, without the Nux repo, you are going to miss a LOT of packages you're accustomed to seeing in Fedora, Ubuntu and Debian that you just don't see in Fedora, EPEL, El Repo and RPM Fusion.

Yep, three extra repos won't give you the desktop packages you need.

But the Nux repo will. And luckily at this point it's got hundreds of packages you might want or need for RHEL/CentOS 7.

Back to Stella. Initially, I think that Nux was game for producing a Stella 7. But looking at the Stella forums today, that doesn't seem likely.

Why? Nux doesn't like GNOME 3 at all. He doesn't feel any better about KDE, and he thinks that GNOME 2-like MATE isn't ready (though he does offer a glimmer of hope in that regard).

But the overall message that Nux and, by proxy, I want to send is that with CentOS 7 and the Nux desktop (he says "dextop") repo, you pretty much have Stella without the artwork.

And that's a RHEL/CentOS you can run on the desktop without running into a severe package drought.