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Thu, 03 Jan 2013

'Kindergarten is the best garden, the best kind of garden for me'

Blog posts by programmers don't often get me feeling sentimental. This one did:

When our daughter was in kindergarten, her class put on a show at the end of the year. It was during the school day, so I couldn’t go, but my wife videotaped it.

The highlight was the final song. As a slide show ran photos of the kids on the first day of school and doing activities during the year, they sang:

    Kindergarten’s the best kind of garden,
    The best kind of garden for me.

In the background of the video’s soundtrack, you can hear the muffled sobs of all the moms in the audience. The last day of kindergarten, like the first day, is a big deal—one of those milestones that children typically can’t remember and parents can never forget.

It reminds me to cherish our daughter, to remember the good times and to make many more of them.

(Thanks, Dr. Drang, for sharing this.)