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Mon, 19 Aug 2013

Pipelight: A new way to run Netflix in Linux (or at least in Ubuntu and Arch)

Pipelight is a new project that aims to bring Netflix in the web browser to Linux systems.

Right now they are focusing on Ubuntu (there's a PPA) and Arch, though you can build it from source if you fly that way.

I never could get the other Netflix-on-Linux project to work in Fedora, though I did get it to run in Debian (and was somewhat amazed that I could bring an Ubuntu PPA into Debian without breakage).

But I also dropped Netflix and for the time being stopped caring about running it at all.

Maybe I'll change my mind in future, but for now consider this a public service announcement for those of you who still subscribe to Netflix and want to watch it in Linux. (In case you were wondering, yes, Netflix should support this out of the box and shouldn't require Windows or OS X in order to view the content you paid for.)