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Wed, 27 Dec 2017

Steady work on rewrite of the BlogPoster app

I have been working steadily on the BlogPoster app, both tightening up the current "production" version and slowly coding the new "modular" version based on Ruby blocks.

Over the weekend I coded up a few blocks in what I hope will be a very atomized app in which all of the blocks do just about one thing and can be called upon in various combinations for different tasks.

Today I worked on the regexes for creating filenames based on post title. The hardest part is dealing with strange characters and website <title> text that contains lots of linefeeds. (Confession: This site did the same until I fixed it. Please don't put linefeeds in your <title>.)

I got rid of the extra linefeeds, but I was ending up with occasional doubled underscores (my go-to replacement character for the space between words). I came up (i.e. Googled and stole) the regex for "match two or more of this character," which in this case is __+, and I was off to the races. I also figured out that in HTML titles with extra lines, I was inadvertently adding an underscore to the beginning of a string, and I used ^_ to find that and kill it out. Regex is fun and profitable.

Hopefully I'll get back to working on the "new" version. I'm coding it slowly and deliberately because I don't want it to be a mess. Next version will be more object-oriented (i.e. will use classes) if I can figure that out. First we'll see how this version turns out,