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Sat, 11 Jun 2011

Moving my Ode blog

I had some trouble with the domain under which this still-emerging Ode blog began its life.

Long story short, I moved the blog from a subdomain to the main stevenrosenberg.net domain on my hosted space.

Making the move was easy. All I had to do was move the files from one part of the web server to another, after which I edited the paths in ode.cgi and ode_config to point to the new location.

Unfortunately all my files got new date stamps, and the original entry, which you might see below this one, also has a June 10, 2011 date, since Ode (and Blosxom before it) uses the text file's creation date as the post date.

In my test Blosxom site (not online at present), I managed to install the addin that preserves the original file date. I'm planning to install the Indexette addin in Ode to do the same thing. At that point I'll correct the original date. I'm in the habit of putting the numerical date into the filename of just about everything I do, so it won't be hard to remember that original file date when I finally do have Indexette installed and working.

I also added a favicon.ico. I lifted the one from the main Ode site. I'll replace it eventually when I dig deeper into the design.