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Tue, 06 Mar 2012

How to use the shared SSL certificate on Hostgator even if you are using an .htaccess redirect

In order to figure out exactly how to use the shared SSL certificate that Hostgator provides to non-static-IP users of its shared-hosting service to get an https:// connection, begin here to figure out the right URL (it's different than your usual one).

I've been trying to make this work on the Ode site in my account for months without success. My problem was that I could only get the SSL to "stick" in the "root" portions of the file hierarchy where my Ode site lives, not deeper in the directories where I access Ode -- both normally and with EditEdit.

I finally figured out what I was doing wrong: Hostgator's shared SSL doesn't work with .htaccess redirects (which I use on this Ode site).

So instead of accessing the site at the usual URL (http://stevenrosenberg.net/blog), when I want to use https:// I need to use the full path that ends /cgi-bin/ode.cgi/postname.edit (with postname.edit being the file/post I'm working on in EditEdit).

Hostgator users can read the SSL how-to page also linked to above to find the alternate URL needed to invoke https:// in your browser. Just remember that if you're using a redirect, you need the full path or you'll get a 404 from Hostgator.

Now that I figured out this little bit of information, I'm all set to run EditEdit over SSL on my Hostgator shared-hosting account.