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Thu, 17 Jan 2013

Ode really *is* simple

I spent much of yesterday fighting with WordPress to make it do what I want. Not having unfettered (or any) FTP access to the server didn't help.

Today I had a problem (caused by a previous experimental change) with my Ode site's RSS and fixed it in about two minutes. Before I started, I forked the theme by copying and re-dating its directory so I had a full backup. Then I removed the problematic line of code, and everything was as it should be.

Understanding how it works makes it easier to fix, modify, experiment and not lose your data in the process.

I'm not saying WordPress isn't a great system, but the simplicity of Ode is one of its strongest assets. Anything you know about HTML, CSS and Linux/Unix will help you. And Ode can help you learn about those things. Then you can apply that newfound knowledge directly to the rest of your work.