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Fri, 25 Jan 2013

Tweaking my Ode body type settings

I've been changing my Ode body type settings over the past few days. I've switched fonts, sizes and line height.

I did take some inspiration from Rob Reed's Ode blog, especially on the line-height property in the css.

While I liked the Carme font I pulled from Google, it looked better on some devices (newer iPod Touch, systems running Linux) than others (older iPad, systems running Windows), and I wasn't crazy about the noticeable delay in text showing up on the screen while the client device pulled the font from Google.

So I went with Helvetica Neue, though I also like Arial and Verdana. Even plain sans-serif looks good. I might keep switching things up.

I still haven't yanked the Droid Sans Mono font I pulled from Google for code blocks. Since the rest of the type shows up on the page without delay, I don't think a late-blooming code font is much of a distraction. And I really like Droid Sans Mono.

The body type font size has been changing day to day. I went from 14px to 12px and now 13px.

I bumped the post headline font up six pixels to 22px. I could go bigger. I could go bold. Not just yet.