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Thu, 07 Feb 2013

I just installed and (mostly successfully) tested Ode's ShyPosts addin

Thanks go to Rob Reed, creator of Ode, for coming up with the ShyPosts addin, which allows you to "hide" posts from your blog indexes yet have them available via their permalinks.

You can read about ShyPosts here and in the same place download the addin for your Ode site. The addin itself is small, and the instructions are short. For the most part they work, but I needed to refer to this forum post to figure out how to write a "rule" that lets ShyPosts know what to hide. If anything, the shyness_rules file is a great place to get a little practice in writing regular expressions.

The following is in my shyness_rules file:


And that hides this post -- http://stevenrosenberg.net/blog/ode/20130205shypoststestshytest.html and this whole directory -- http://stevenrosenberg.net/blog/shytest/ -- from the index, keeping the posts accessible via the full path.

Regarding http://stevenrosenberg.net/blog/shytest/, there is an entry in there that you can see with the full path: http://stevenrosenberg.net/blog/shytest/20130206canyousee_me.

So it's working. (Thanks, Rob.)

I've known about ShyPosts ever since Rob first announced it on the Ode Forum back in June 2012, but I didn't install it right away.

Why? I didn't really need it. The whole purpose of this site is to make everything public, and in Ode if you want to "hide" an entry you just remove the suffix that tells the script which entries to index and display, which is .txt in the default configuration. If it doesn't end in .txt, Ode won't show it.

But what if you want to just "hide" a given entry or entries from the blog indexes yet provide access to it via direct URL? That's where ShyPosts comes in.

In my case, I want to use this same Ode site to deliver PowerPoint-style presentations -- yes, Ode can do that, and that's my next thing to install and configure.

So how does ShyPosts fit in? A given presentation I create might be something that would fit into this blog very well. Or it could be something meant only for my day job yet not secret enough to keep totally hidden.

That's where ShyPosts comes in. My not-secret, not-out-there content can live in this same Ode site and be accessible by anybody who has the proper URLs. It's not Fort Knox. Instead it's kind of a little piggy bank of content. And sometimes that's what you need.

Later: ShyPosts hides my posts in the main index but not in the date files: http://stevenrosenberg.net/blog/2013/02/. I'll defer to Rob on whether or not this is the addin's intended behavior. In that case the posts are slightly less shy.