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Tue, 11 Jun 2013

Slight tweak in my Ode site's Logic theme for 'standard' links in post titles

One of the features of the Ode blogging system's links in post titles in the default Logic theme is that they lead not to the individual entry page but to the portion of the page including all of the relevant day's posts that includes the entry whose link is being clicked.

That's a complicated way of saying that the title links look like this:


I wanted to see how the blog would work when clicking on the title of a post leads to a page that just includes that individual post itself.

By that, I mean this:


That is the same result you'd get by clicking the Permalink tag at the bottom of each entry.

It was as easy as copying the permalink tag and replacing the original title tag in the page.html file in my current version of Ode's Logic theme.

It's a small change. Not a big deal at all. But it's so easy to do in Ode. Just about every part of the system is a text file that most users can understand and modify. So I figured I'd do it and see how it worked.

Before I began, I archived my old theme by copying the its folder/directory and naming the copy with a newer date.

That new folder/directory is where I made my change. My "old" theme remains on the server, though I could pull it down and just keep it on my local machine if I wish. (I thought there was a way to access old themes still on the server, but that isn't working for me at the moment; I'll look into it.)

Briefly, here is my change to page.html in Ode's main Logic theme:


<a name="" /><a href="#"></a>


<a name="" /><a href=""></a>

Tweaking Ode themes is fun. Instant gratification are the words of the day.