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Sat, 31 Aug 2013

Proposal: Rewrite the EditEdit addin to be compatible with tablet and mobile devices

Level of difficulty: High


If I'm not mistaken, there is more code in the EditEdit addin than in the whole rest of the Ode core. EditEdit -- which brings a web interface that allows creation of new and modification of existing Ode posts -- is complicated.

EditEdit is great in a Web browser on a traditional PC, but it performs poorly on an iPad (a lack of scroll bars on the post window makes it impossible to write and edit all but short posts) and on mobile devices. Turning EditEdit into a mobile-enabled app or site would solve these problems.

Notes and questions

There are two ways to go: HTML5 or native iOS and Android apps. Professional app developers often say the increased performance of native apps is worth overcoming the difficulty of writing to both of the major device families.

But HTML5 apps are independent of the various devices' ecosystems and potentially scale across all desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

If the tasks performed by EditEdit are relatively light, HTML5 could be more than adequate.

  • Security is a concern when using a Web-based app like EditEdit. It can be hard to establish a secure connection with the Ode filesystem on shared-hosting accounts that don't have their own SSL certificates. Strong passwords are a must. There is an element of "security by obscurity" at work here.