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Sat, 31 Aug 2013

Proposal: A native commenting system for Ode

Level of difficulty: High


Commenting for Ode is currently handled with a Disqus addin that integrates the popular hosted commenting platform with the self-hosted Ode system.

A native Ode commenting system -- also integrated via addin -- would either create its own text files, or add to existing post files, via a comment form that would appear at the bottom of individual entries.

Perhaps a native Ode commenting system could interoprate with Disqus, so a blog's Disqus comments could be converted to native Ode comments, and vice versa, like the way Disqus works with WordPress?

Notes and questions

  • Is there anything in Blosxom or Pyblosxom that could repurposed for an Ode commenting system?

  • Is there anything in the Chronicle Blog Compiler commenting code that could be repurposed for an Ode commenting system?