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Sun, 01 Sep 2013

Proposal: Blog archive listings, either in Indexette or as a separate addin

Level of difficulty: Medium to high


A utility that will crawl the Ode documents folder and create a list of links by year and month that can be used in the sidebar of the blog as an archive. Another possible archive listing (which I had in Movable Type and quite liked) is a single page with a list of every individual entry by title.

While this could be done with its own Ode addin, this functionality could be folded into the Indexette addin. In this case, the "reindex" call would also build the year/month and full-archive index HTML, which could then be inserted in the appropriate places in the theme file (for the year/month index) and a single "archive" page for the full archive.

Discussion and questions

Am I missing something, or is this an easy project? It's possible to reuse code from Blosxom, PyBlosxom, or just about any blogging system that offers this functionality.