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Mon, 09 Sep 2013

I'm adding posts from my old FlatPress site to this Ode site

I've been meaning to roll the rest of the posts in my FlatPress blog centered on Debian into this Ode site.

In the past, I've moved quite a few of them in here, but there were about 30 or so from the early days of the FlatPress blog that I had yet to move.

I plowed through about 20 today and have 17 more to go. Rather than taking HTML source from FlatPress, I'm copy/pasting regular text from the FlatPress blog into text files and using Markdown to re-create the links and bolding.

I'm also including the FlatPress-native comments, which I'm styling as minimally as possible with Markdown.

I also pulled images to upload to the Ode site and put the appropriate image tags into the entries that needed them.

It's a bit of a slog.

But I want to do it. I want it done.

Once I got all the posts ready that I was going to do today, I went back into them and dropped in <!--more--> tags (only now realizing that this isn't WordPress and I need <!--jumper:jump--> tags instead). Then I went in again with date tags for Indexette, setting them to the appropriate dates, which I knew from the filenames I picked (I always begin 2013_0908 for an entry I'm creating today (though it's probably already tomorrow in UTC, which this blog uses).

When I get some more time, I'll get the rest of the FlatPress posts in here. After I get everything in here, I don't know if I'll take down the FlatPress site, but I'll certainly be free to do it.

In a very-related matter, I've got thousands of WordPress posts across fewer than 10 but more than five blogs that I'd love to get into this Ode site. It makes me think that I should write a utility that converts a WP backup file into a filesystem that can be easily moved into an Ode site.

I've already got my Blogger/Blogspot sites backed up in WordPress, so I don't think I also need a Blogger-to-Ode script, but it's something to think about.

I'm certainly thinking about the WordPress-to-Ode script, which would convert the XML that comes out of WP into individual Ode files with proper Indexette date tags and image tags, along with the image files themselves.

Ode statistic: In case you're keeping track, this is the 349th post in this particular Ode blog. That includes the 20-some posts I've added today (most of which are dated February and March 2011).

Later: As you can see in the comments, Ode lead developer Rob Reed suggested that instead of going back and correcting my bad jump triggers (<!--more--> instead of <!-- jumper:jump -->), I added jump triggers to Ode's Jumper addin.

Now my list of jump triggers in the jumper_addin file looks like this:

@jump_triggers = (

'<!-- Jumper:jump -->',
'<!-- more -->',