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Sat, 21 Dec 2013

Once you start blogging by writing plain text files, you can't go back

One of the biggest things that keeps me using a system like Ode for blogging is the freedom to write entries on my local machine using any text editor I wish. Those text files turn into blog entries, and I never have to write in a web interface unless I want to (and for that we have the excellent EditEdit add-in).

I've written local files and pushed them via FTP, opened up my web-server space via sftp in my local Linux file manager (either Thunar with Xfce or Nautilus with GNOME) and now synced a local directory with my server via Unison.

I also love using Markdown. It eliminates much of the HTML-coding drudgery that's even part of mainstream blogging applications like WordPress.

But more than anything, when you can create a text file, write it in the editor of your choice, which for me is Gedit, and then have that file somehow make its way to the server and become part of a blog, it makes the process that much more enjoyable.