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Wed, 20 Jul 2011

I add Indexette and EditEdit to my Ode blog

I'm in awe at the moment.

I just added the Indexette and EditEdit addins to my Ode site. They both work. The documentation is detailed. The installation and configuration took about five minutes per addin.

I'll be back in that documentation very soon. Each addin's documentation includes a lot of detail and explanation.

I will go into greater detail later, but briefly, the addins do the following:

  • Indexette: Allows posts in Ode blogs to retain their original (or arbitrary) post date even if the file and its timestamp has been modified.
  • EditEdit: Provides a web interface to modify and create posts in Ode to supplement the usual writing and uploading of plain text files via FTP.

I'd like to thank Rob Reed, the creator of Ode for thinking so deeply about what he wants this project to be and then making it happen with code. And that code is always accompanied by detailed documentation, both inline and in separate PDF and text files.

It's not like I haven't used Blogger, WordPress, Movable Type, Flatpress and Blosxom. Because I have.

There's something about this particular blogging system that prompted me to move over to it. More than a few things, actually.

It's complicated, but I hope to explain it all as I go along.