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Tue, 17 Jan 2012

This blog will go dark on Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2012 to protest the SOPA and PIPA bills restricting the open web

I'm joining Identi.ca, O'Reilly, Wikipedia, BoingBoing, MoveOn, Mozilla, Reddit and scores of other websites large and small in going dark on Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2012 to protest the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect IP Act (PIPA), which would allow U.S. copyright holders to shut down foreign web sites with only a suspicion of copyright infringement.

To find out more about big sites that are going dark on 1/18/12 to protest the U.S. Congress' attack on the free, open web, read this helpful post by Steven J. Vaughn-Nichols.

Quoting from Harvard Law School professor Laurence Tribe in SJVN's article:

“Although the problems of online copyright and trademark infringement are genuine, SOPA is an extreme measure that is not narrowly tailored to governmental interests. It is a blunderbuss rather than a properly limited response, and its stiff penalties would significantly endanger legitimate websites and services. Its constitutional defects are not marginal ones that could readily be trimmed in the process of applying and enforcing it in particular cases. Rather, its very existence would dramatically chill protected speech by undermining the openness and free exchange of information at the heart of the Internet. It should not be enacted by Congress.”

This would have a chilling impact on free speech and the open web.

If you come to any part of this site tomorrow, you will see this page Fight for the Future's AmericanCensorship.org site. I'll turn off the redirect the following day.

So how do you make a site "go dark"? I will be using .htaccess to redirect all requests to my SOPA page AmericanCensorship.org. This is what's in the .htaccess:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !=http://americancensorship.org/
RewriteRule ^ http://americancensorship.org/

Note: I originally had my "blackout" redirect going to a SOPA page on my site. I've since followed in the footsteps of other blackout sites in redirecting to Fight for the Future's American Censorship Day site.