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Wed, 07 Mar 2012

I love Markdown

To know Markdown is to love it.

Markdown is baked into Ode and makes writing things tour need to end up as HTML faster, easier, less broken and nicer to read on the back end, too.

When HTML was created in the early 1990s, it was envisioned (in my hazy opinion) as something that would be applied to text by a computer program, not laboriously typed out (and inevitably messed up).

But type it out we do. Or at least I do. All (the live-long) day.

Markdown makes it easy. I'd heard plenty about it, not really understanding what it was or what it does.

I'll make it simple: If your web application/service supports Markdown, you're in, and you'll save keystrokes like mad and reduce coding mistakes, also like mad.

I'm only tapping the basics, using Markdown to format bolds, italics, anchor tags, lists, quoted material, code blocks. Now that I think of it, that's quite a lot.

The Movable Type system I use regularly doesn't seem to include Markdown support, though Movable Type 4 in general does. You can bet I'll be adding Markdown support to the WordPress system my employer is migrating to.