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Tue, 01 Aug 2017

Is there a place to recycle household batteries in the San Fernando Valley?

My workplace used to have a box for recycled household batteries, and that was a very useful perk. It's not up there with free air-conditioning and coffee but useful nonetheless.

Now that box is gone forever, and my dead-battery stash, consisting of a bunch of plastic bags in my car, is starting to build.

And it's surprisingly hard to find a place that will take them.

Right now all I know about are the LA City SAFE Centers, which are only open on weekends.

I thought Best Buy would be a place, but they only recycle rechargeable batteries.

AutoZone recycles automotive batteries and no other kind (nor would I expect them to).

According to some web sites, IKEA Burbank accepts batteries for recycling, but I see no mention of it on their web site.

I'd just like to find a place that's local to the San Fernando Valley where I can drop off the stuff with no hahassles.

EVERYBODY uses batteries. And you're not supposed to throw them out in the regular trash, so this seems like a huge problem.