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Sat, 05 Aug 2017

I use these razor blade - I buy them by the 100-count box

I have been doing what some people call "wet shaving" -- with a double-sided safety razor instead of the usual cartridge-based razors -- for well over a year. Believe it or not, I was inspired to start wet-shaving by The Dick Turpin Road Show, an ostensibly Linux-focused (and now regrettably silent) podcast that was mostly two British guys sitting around talking. Even when presenter Pete was wet-shaving his head and bleeding like crazy as a result, I still wanted to do it.

I use these Personna double-edged razor blades in the Target-sold Van der Hagen safety razor my girls got me for Father's Day probably two years ago. Amazon sells them in a box of 100. They are currently going for $12.30 a box. That is very cheap, and if I wanted to use each blade only once, it would be a bargain. I rarely go more than three shaves on a blade -- why do that when they're so cheap.

When the blades are done, I drop them in this Feather Blade Disposal Case: