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Fri, 18 Nov 2011

I got rid of HootSuite, Ping.FM, RSS Graffiti, the Twitter-Facebook-Identi.ca bridges in favor of a simpler solution with dlvr.it

I try to automatically send links to my blog entries to all the social networks on which I maintain accounts (the exception being Google +, which I'm still updating manually).

Over the past couple of years, I've had a thicket of services set up to do this. Some work along, others work together. Some social networks themselves will push their entries to other social networks.

It can all be extremely confusing.

So over the last week or so, I went about disconnecting every helper app I could from my accounts at Twitter, Identi.ca, and Facebook.

I did this because I had another service in mind to handle all of this.


I've seen lots of people use it on Twitter and Facebook, and once I saw that it handled Identi.ca without an intermediary (like Ping.FM with HootSuite), I was pretty much sold.

I hooked up Dlvr.it a few days ago, updating a half-dozen accounts with, thus far, two separate RSS feeds.

It works. I'm happy.

I will explore Dlvr.it more in the future, but my initial impression of the service is extremely positive.

More than anything I hated losing control of updates to my social networks to a bunch of apps, some internal to the services they update, others wholly separate, that I couldn't easily control.

With Dlvr.it, I can push multiple feeds to multiple networks, and I can see it all on my screen. I dropped between four and six other services/apps, and that is a win.