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Wed, 26 Feb 2014

Using Buffer and If This Then That to automate RSS into Twitter at regular intervals

Sure it's better to script everything locally, and I bet that piping RSS to social media at regular intervals is more than scriptable, I started using Buffer a week or so ago to spread out my Twitter posts in the event that I do a bunch of them at once.

Mind you, this hasn't yet happened. But it could. And I'm testing the service for my day job.

For my personal sites, I've been using dlvr.it to automatically feed blog RSS to Twitter (and occasionally Facebook). But while dlvr.it theoretically CAN dribble out posts at timed intervals with it's new (to me) "Q" feature, use of RSS with Q requires a paid subscript to dlvr.it. Again, for the day job this is something we might consider (if anybody but me was a dlvr.it fan), but I'm not that crazy about the paid options.

So I thought about using Buffer], whose core functionality is taking in multiple social-media posts and releasing them to social-media accounts on Twitter and Facebook, and to Google Plus pages (not individual accounts) on pre-determined intervals.

It turns out you can use other Web-based applications with Buffer, and one of those apps is If This Then That, which I've never used before (though I have heard of it) and which we are also testing at the day job.

So I opened an "IFTTT" account, hooked it up with my Buffer account and created an IFTTT "personal recipe" to feed RSS to Buffer.

And now we wait.