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Wed, 10 Jul 2013


From https://tent.io/:

Tent is a protocol that puts users back in control.

Users should control the data they create, choose who can access it, and change service providers without losing their social graph.

Tent is a protocol, not a platform. Like email, anyone can build Tent apps or host Tent servers, all Tent servers can talk to each other, and there is no central authority to restrict users or developers. 

Tent helps you keep all your data in one place that you control. You can choose a hosting provider or run your own server. If you want to move hosts later your data and relationships come with you.

Sounds pretty good to me. Here's more about it. You can try it here: https://tent.is/

Later: Looking at both of these sites, I can see using https://tent.is/ for traditional microblogging (Question: Can I feed it RSS?), but I'm not at all getting the bigger picture.