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Wed, 05 Mar 2014

Why blogging shouldn't be replaced by Facebook -- Dave Winer's view

If you're not following blogging and RSS pioneer Dave Winer, you should be.

Here are some recent, important (yet short) Dave Winer posts on blogging and social media's evisceration of it:

A blog post has lasting value. A tweet stream is more ephemeral, it can evaporate almost instantly.

The blogging tools developers aren't giving the users anything new and/or interesting to do. ... Since when does a software category survive without introducing new stuff every so often?

Okay so people who used to blog now prefer to post their observations on Facebook for the immediate interaction of it. I know what they mean now that I've been using Facebook for a few months. Hearing the likes and the comments is a kind of Pavlovian reward. It's true, I know the feeling.

People like Facebook because when they post something there, they get responses from people they care about.