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Thu, 06 Mar 2014

I get more traffic from LXer.com than anywhere else

I almost never look at the traffic on this site. I don't have Google Analytics on it. I haven't bothered to install Piwik, though I'm very interested in the project.

My shared host offers AWStats, and every once in a while I take a look.

I was prompted to look by Jim Lynch's article, Why You Should Delete Your Facebook Account.

Like Jim, it turns out I'm also not getting any traffic from Facebook. Maybe two views a month. I get a little more from Twitter, but nothing earth-shattering.

Where do I get a lot? Google. And LXer, the excellent, people-run Linux and free-software site that exists to promote articles about ... Linux and free software. And yes, I'm a non-paid, semi-official editor on the site. But anybody can submit a link to LXer and become part of the community via what I think is probably one of the best PHP-driven web-content sites out there.

So thanks, Google, even though I don't use your analytics. And thanks to the everybody involved in LXer, from readers to editors, who have clicked on all my links over the years.