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Fri, 10 Jul 2015

Welcome to updates

This is where I'm going to stash the kind of updates I'd usually put on Twitter.

I'm not going to think of where in the directories (aka folders) it should go.

If it's a quick update, it'll go here.

For the Ode people, I'm thinking of using EditEdit, Ode's de facto GUI, to do these quick updates.

Ode project leader Rob Reed and I have discussed adding Twitter-like (or, to be suitably generic, microblogging-like) speed and ease to Ode (or any filesystem-based blogging program, for that matter), and a simplified, mobile-enabled version of EditEdit would be a great way to do that. Or a mobile app that (for my purposes and on my Ode workflow) generates the proper text file, uploads it, reindexes the blog for Indexette and rebuilds my archive page.

The "disconnect" between "regular" blog posts and social/microblogging updates are that a blog post traditionally contains a title and then a block of text (or a message, if you will), and a "social" update is just the text, with no title.

Should be easy enough.

I don't even really need to eliminate the title. It would be nice for EditEdit to auto-generate the URL based on the title and some code for my preferred date convention (e.g. 2015_0709, which is in no way required by Ode but which helps me as a human keep track of post dates in my own filesystem).

Idea: I don't know if any of them are still being actively developed, but there used to be a class of applications, for Linux anyway, that you could run on your computer and use to write blog entries without going through a web interface. I don't know if one of these existing projects could be adapted to what I'm trying to do. It might just be better to start from scratch.

This could be coded as a tradtional GUI, or as a command-line program. I'm leaning toward the latter because it's easier.

A project like this is definitely of the "scratch an itch" variety. Ode allows for extremely individal workflows, and mine is just that (local filesystem synced to shared hosting with Unison, with Indexette pinged and a static archive built by a couple of scripts).

I've gotten into the weeds here. This post was meant to introduce The Updates Directory, and this is far from the short, Twitter-like posts I am evisioning for this particular directory (or folder if you prefer).

I will follow this up in another part of the site ...