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Thu, 27 Dec 2012

I'm teaching myself git

I'm interested in learning about version control. To pursue that interest, I am teaching myself git.

I installed git on my Debian Wheezy laptop and have started accounts on both Github and Gitorious

Among the things I've learned are how to "pull" from a remote git repo (in my case one on Github), how to commit my changes locally and push those changes to Github and how to delete a file in a git repository and subsequently push that commit back to the repo.

While all is not clear, the fact that I could get going in such a short time must mean something. Things like branching and evaluating patches are beyond me at the moment, but hopefully I'll be able to learn more as I go.

The git website is a great place to start. Everything is explained very well, and the site offers the free Pro Git book in a number of formats.

Among the available references, there's an O'Reilly book (always the symbol of good taste in tech literature).