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Thu, 08 Nov 2012

The Marketplace radio program has a very nice Drupal web site

I wanted to find a particularly galling story I heard on American Public Media's Marketplace business radio program and was pleased to find a very good-looking and functional web site that just happens to be built on Drupal.

I still like the simplicity of the stories page better than the home page. Marketplace is all about the stories that appear on the air, and quick, simple, "here they are" access is what I want to see (and do).

The beginning of the stories page is on top of this entry. Here's more of the stories page so you can see how each item appears in the rundown. I really like the simplicity and uniformity (click on either image for a full-sized view):

So what was the particularly galling story about? Well, this small-business owner couldn't decide whether to vote for Mitt Romney or Barack Obama, and on her second appearance on Marketplace she wouldn't reveal her vote. What she did want from President Obama in a second term was "compromise" on his pledge to keep taxes the same for those making ,000 and below. She thought he should bend a little and pledge not to raise taxes for those making ,000 and below. Her strong implication was that a family dragging in HALF A MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR is still "middle class."

Marketplace host Kai Ryssdal replied, "But that makes you part of the 1 percent ..." He didn't pursue it further. I can't blame him.

But I will spell it out. I don't think ,000/year makes you part of the middle class. If anything, you're "upper middle class." However, if you make ,000 a year, YOU ARE RICH. You are fucking rich, so shut the fuck up.