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Fri, 02 Aug 2013

Hostgator and this site were down today -- the problem is in Provo

Hostgator is usually plenty reliable. I don't remember the last bout with downtime.

But we had one today. All of my Hostgator-hosted sites were down for what seemed like an hour.

The sites -- including this one -- are back now.

Hostgator says a networking issue at its Provo data center is responsible for the outage. They are working on resolving the issue, according to the forum thread.

Mashable has a story about how the Provo problem is affecting Hostgator, Bluehost and HostMonster, which are all owned by parent company Endurance International Group.

While I've been pretty lucky in terms of the amount of downtime I've experienced from this outage, others in the Mashable thread report up to nine hours of downtime for their sites.

At least one commenter says that ever since Hostgator upgraded the hardware on his/her account, service has been spotty. My account's server has been upgraded, and all I've noticed until today have been performance improvements.

Here's hoping that Hostgator gets this together and we can all go back to not worrying about site availability.