Back to Hugo in 2017

I’m giving Hugo another try. I had a problem with Hugo version 0.18 and the redlounge theme: All of my categories and tags were being listed in the blog index, which doesn’t look so good.

I tried changing themes: I used hyde, and the unwanted index entries magically went away.

But I like redlounge, so I did some experiments with the configuration.

In my config.toml file, I went from:

tag = "tags"
category = "categories"
topic = "topics"


# tag = “tags”
# category = “categories”
topic = “topics”

That took away all of the index entries I don’t want except for one: The final entry in the blog index points to the blog home page itself.

Later this becomes a problem: I had to uncomment these two lines because my new entries weren’t appearing in their respective category pages. I’ll have to figure out what’s going on with the Redlounge theme another way.

So how did I get the syntax highlighting for the code snippets? I used highlight.js, which does its work on the client side. This seemed quicker and easier than using Pygments on the server.

Deploying highlight.js was easy. I will go over the details in a separate post.