Internet Weblog is my favorite new Hugo theme

It’s name is dull as they come, but Internet Weblog by Josh Johnson is my hands-on favorite new Hugo theme.

It offers a “microblogging” feature in which entries can be traditional blog entries or microblog entries, the latter w/o titles. I’m not sure how this would factor into my current Ode microblogging feature (in which I have microblogging entries that do have titles), or how I could take these entries and spread them to Twitter.

But overall the Internet Weblog theme checks many of my boxes: Looks good, has pagination, has archive page.

The only two things it’s lacking are numbered pagination links (so you can skip pages ahead) and “previous” and “next” entry links on post pages (which are even better when they feature titles along with links).

It can’t be hard to add those features, right?

The bones of this theme are very good, and I will be trying it out very soon.